Action for Community Development




Twenty asylum seekers were awarded mini-grants to start their own businesses. These widows attended an intensive training workshop to learn about entrepreneurial skills. All women raised their monthly income. Here is a case study to show project impact:

Ms. X is a poor asylum seeker sheltered with her four daughters in a UNHCR tent. Ms. Z split the grant money between her and her older daughter. She sold fish and manged to make $15 in one month. The daughter sold tomatoes and made less money. After 3 months, the total savings were $80. The money made is expected is to be invested in growing the buisness.

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In 2019, SHARE provided funds to Action for Community Development in Tanzania. This project provided 20 women with training to develop their entrepreneurial skills. These women were then provided with micro-grants to be able to start their new businesses. This had the effect of improving the incomes of these women, as well as improving the education of their children.



Nyarugusu, Tanzania

This project funded 30 women for training in entrepreneurial skills. The women were from refugee camps. Twenty women were given mini-grant to starts sales of various needed items in neighborly communities. The income of beneficiaries improved from under so 50 cents per day to $5 per day.