Boudha Bahanupati Project Pariwar (Nepal)

Boudha Bahanupati Project (BBP) Pariwar is a non-profit organization that functions in rural areas of Nepal. Their mission is to raise the economic status of women in the region by offering micro-credit loans, enabling the women to start long-term, self-run businesses.

SHARE Sponsored Programs:


The SHARE Institute awarded a mini-grant to continue funding the BBP Pariwar goat project in Nepal. The project has been extremely successful in raising the economic status of women in Nepal.


The SHARE Institute provided a mini-grant to BBP Pariwar to fund a women's self-help group in rural Nepal. Women meet once a month to contribute a portion of their income, along with funds received by outside sources such as SHARE, to a joint revolving fund, which is used as starter funds that are loaned to poor women in rural regions of Nepal to start businesses. The money goes toward the education of the women on goat raising, and then to purchase goats for the women to raise and sell for income. The loans are repaid by the borrowers into the revolving fund, which is then used to fund another woman in Nepal.