Lauren Herman and Mohammad Yunus.  Yunus is the founding pioneer of microcredit.

Lauren Herman and Mohammad Yunus.  Yunus is the founding pioneer of microcredit.

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Chelma Advisory Institute (Kenya)

The Chelma Advisory Institute is a small non-governmental organization (NGO) based in Nakuru, Kenya that works to improve the lives of rural villagers, primarily women, children, and youth, by providing them with education, skills training, and small loans to start or expand home-based businesses.

SHARE Sponsored Programs:


The Chelma Advisory Institute Micro-Enterprise Project is a community based micro-credit project implemented in Kenya.  With the financial assistance of the Share Institute, this project provided interest-free loans to 300 women who are interested in owning their own small business.  The project beneficiaries worked at  different income generating activities such as dairy farming, poultry raising, tailoring and leather work.  This project assisted a hundred women who were empowered to own their small businesses.  Money earned from their enterprises provided funds for children’s education and better nutrition. 


Chelma Advisory Institute supplied 15 women with micro-credit loans this year with funds provided by SHARE. Providing these loans to women helps to empower them and gives them a means of supporting their families. One of the projects supported by the micro-credit loans is soap-making. Training is provided so that the women can start successful soap-making businesses. Former SHARE Intern, Lauren Herman, has received a prestigious grant from UC Berkeley which enables her to oversee the micro-credit lending program. Two women have already successfully paid back their loans after starting businesses that are now flourishing. Both women actively participate in help groups that support micro credit borrowers.


The Chelma Advisory Institute received two mini-grants to fund ten women with micro-loans to be used to expand upon or create a micro-enterprise. The organization also conducted training, including business and saving skills, to help women entrepreneurs succeed in their choice of business. The women traded in gats, chicken and home-made goods.