International Internship Program

The SHARE Institute can arrange internships abroad through our massive network with international NGOs. Though the locations available vary from year to year a sampling of some of the places interns have visited in the past include Yemen, Egypt, Zambia, South Africa, Nicaragua, India and Kenya. Our international internship program can be an exciting way to broaden your horizons and understanding of the world, its people, and its cultures.

Currently, The SHARE Institute maintains partnership agreements with the Tamil Nadu People's Welfare Association (TAPWA) in India, Compas de Nicaragua in Nicaragua, and Journey's Within Our Communities (JWOC) in Cambodia.




India Internship:

TAPWA, our partner in India, has hosted five SHARE interns in the past and provides excellent experiences for students or individuals interested in learning about Indian culture and development issues. TAPWA also provides room and board to its guests at one of its facilities, providing a greater opportunity for immersion. The executive director of TAPWA takes special interest in ensuring that guests visit all the projects that TAPWA implements in the surrounding villages.

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Nicaragua Internship:

Our partner NGO in Nicaragua, Compas de Nicaragua, has hosted 40 interns from The SHARE Institute from 2007 to the present. Compas de Nicaragua teams up with Women in Action, a NGO based in Managua, Nicaragua, that works with severely impoverished women and children that live in the La Primavera district. Visiting interns stay with host families and work with the women and children on various projects, including building chicken coops, making soy food, creating gourd art, and participating in English and computer lessons that are taught to the women and children. Interns will also visit La Paz, Nicragua, where they will explore and help implement various aspects of organic farming and sustainable living methods.


For more details about past Nicaragua internships, please visit our Nicaragua Internship Projects Page

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Cambodia Internship:

In Cambodia, our partner organization JWOC will lead interns through a tour of their various projects that are designed to reduce poverty and increase living and economic conditions within the communities they work in. Internships can be ranged from a couple of weeks to a month or more; the length of stay and the type of activities are completely flexible to meet the interns desired activities and travel time frame.



Kenya Internship (Not Currently Available):

In the past, our partner organization in Kenya, The Chelma Advisory Institute, hosted four SHARE interns. The interns participated in the NGO's various field activities while gaining a better understanding of African culture by staying with host families for the duration of the stay.


Participation in SHARE's International Internship Program:

If you are interested in an international internship here are a few things that you should know:

  1. All Interns are responsible for paying for their own travel expenses, including, but not limited to, airfare, local transportation in departure and arrival cities, phone calls, food, lodging, unexpected travelling costs, etc.
  2. A minimum donation of $400.00-800.00 dollars to the NGO the intern will be staying or working with is necessary, and is the responsibility of the intern.
  3. SHARE charges a $100.00 administration fee to make all arrangements of the internship with the host NGO.
  4. All travelers must be considered medically healthy and fit for travel by a doctor prior to departure. Cost of travel immunizations and required malaria medication are paid for by all interns participating in these community service trips.

If arrangements are made during the off season for various locations the travel expenses can often be very reasonable. The SHARE staff is very knowledgeable about travel costs, arrangements, and good times to travel to various locations. Our staff works hard to ensure an optimal experience during your internship, at a price point that most find very reasonable. This program has been a wonderful success in the past and we have heard nothing but great things about the experiences of our previous international interns.

If you are interested in the international internship program please fill out the application above. Additionally you can contact us at (916)-966-7482 or email us at  for more information.