Jessica Buchanan graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with highest honors and distinction in scholarship. She majored in Psychology with a specialization in Biological Psychology and completed her premedical coursework. Ms. Buchanan’s honors thesis assessed the association of cardiovascular disease and antecedent personality traits in aging women. She was given a research grant to evaluate the cross cultural applicability of her thesis hypothesis by running a replication study in China. Ms. Buchanan was also extended an invitation to take part in a graduate-level exchange opportunity, the Berkeley-Tsinghua Program for Advanced Studies in Psychology. Prior to attending U.C. Berkeley, Ms. Buchanan was an active Intern and volunteer for the SHARE Institute for two years during which time she visited and volunteered with SHARE projects in Nicaragua and India. She currently works with the Survivor’s Connect project on anti-trafficking in Haiti as the Administrative Assistant in addition to her Office Manager position with the SHARE Institute.