Manav Seva Sansthan (India)

Manav Seva Sansthan (SEVA) is a non-profit organization that provides job placement for elderly women in India and also provides a warm and supporting environment for children to learn.

SHARE Sponsored Programs:


The SHARE Institute awarded a mini-grant to SEVA to purchase durable play equipment for the children of the school.  A slide, a swing and a teeter-totter were among the  pieces of equipment purchased. 


The SHARE Institute awarded a mini-grant to SEVA which provided funding to assist in the “Adopt a Granny” program that taught greenhouse gardening to elderly women.  The goal of the program was to improve the nutrition of these grandmothers, allow them to be more self-efficient, and secure them financially.

The SHARE Institute awarded another mini-grant to fund the continuation of SEVA’s advocacy program against trafficking in women and children throughout India.

Flip order of grants   2004 then 2001