Penngrove Elementary Projects


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2018: Project 2

The use of Ozobots in Learning

Students at Penngrove Elementary School loved to use ozobots in learning. Some students are saving money to buy their own ozobots. In class, they used the ozobots to create bus routes for communities. Often students build towns with legos and use the ozobots to trace lines for essential town services.

2018: Project 1

The SHARE Institute funded Penngrove Elementary School to implement a STEAM Project to bring creativity and excitement to learning. In the final report the funded teacher wrote “This grant has provided fabulous opportunities for my students that go beyond this one project.  Students will continue to experience STEAM based learning and the supplies funded by this grant will be used over and over this year and for years to come.  Additional STEAM projects include an arcade game design and construction, tiny home and renewable energy investigations and numerous lego engineering projects. “