Bangladesh Integrated Social Advancement Programme (BISAP)





The Bangladesh Integrated Social Advancement Programme is a non-profit organization dedicated to defending and improving the rights of socially-excluded women and children in Bangladesh.


SHARE Sponsored Programs:



The main objective of this project is to enhance women’s capabilities in sewing skills.  Seven women were identified and trained in sewing techniques.  They also received sewing machines to increase their income.

Ms.X aged 25, an inhabitant of Kulagaon union is an active members of BISAP group. This group was formed with the active ignition of Firoza Khatun 2 years back. She was a helpless women and lived in dilapidated hut. She used to live in this hut with her children.

She was married with at the age of 14. Her husband was a Rikshaw puller (Tri-cycle). She became mother of 5 children within first 6 years of her marriage life. Among her children first two were baby boys and the last three were girls. With the increase of family members her family fell in worse financial crisis because of low income of her husband. At this stage her husband became disappointed due to financial insolvency and he misbehaved with her every now and then. One year before her husband left home and went away. Thus poverty let her to immense sufferings she was in what to do condition. Based on her grievance BISAP provided her sewing machine. She sold her marriage ring and arranged the collection of scrap cutting cloths from Garment factories and she encouraged to change her own condition. She started to sell her made baby sewed cloth door to door in near by the village. As a result she found better source of daily income for survival of her family members. Now she decided to open sewing shop in the village market.

Fortunately, she made beautiful baby clothes and became well known to the villagers. Her daily income from making cloth is Tk. 200/= to 250/= her such improvement attracted to other group members to change their own situation. She revealed herself to others female member that she is grateful to BISAP and SHARE Institute and its organizer for opening eyes for survival and advancement to the powerless women of most neglected region of coastal belt like her.

BISAP 2013


The SHARE Institute provided BISAP with a five-hundred dollar mini-grant to fund a sanitation awareness and latrine repair project.  The project aims to improve the environmental and living conditions of women and children living in impoverished conditions in a rural community in Bangladesh.