Scholarship Programs



Project Objective: 

To provide US-based students with funds to purchase books or pay for college tuition and other associated expenses.


During the Fall 2017 internship, five SHARE interns received scholarships to further their education endeavors for their contributions as to fund domestic and international projects. The interns were Alexandra Escobar, Alysun Littlefield, Esteban Aguilera, Alicia Welch, and Lauren Salah. 

During the Spring and Summer 2017, four SHARE Interns received scholarships for their hard efforts assisting SHARE. Matthew Dillahunty, Mariya Katsman, Grace Tuthill, and Adeyemi Walker-Thomas.


A scholarship was awarded to a university student to pay for tuition. Another scholarship was awarded to a local athlete to provide athletic shoes so that he could continue playing on his team. A third scholarship was provided to an intern to pay for emergency medical care.



Two book scholarships were provided to students at American River College who have participated in the SHARE Internship program. These former interns were chosen for the scholarship because of economic hardship and their commitment to community service.



A book scholarship was awarded to a local community college student to help offset textbook expenses. A second scholarship was awarded to a local artist to pay for art supplies.



An art scholarship enabled a local artist to purchase supplies this year. The scholarship will allow this artist to continue contributing beautiful pieces of artwork to the community.



SHARE awarded a book scholarship to a local student this year. The scholarship helped the student purchase textbooks.



The SHARE Institute provided some of the SHARE interns with scholarships for college expenses, including tuition and textbooks.



The SHARE Institute continued to fund a program titled, “Empowering Single Moms Attending College.”  Through the donation of mini-grants, SHARE had the opportunity to aid single mothers with the cost of college.  In addition, SHARE funded an academic scholarship at American River College for students studying anthropology.



The SHARE Institute funded an American River College student to purchase art supplies.



The SHARE Institute awarded two scholarships to college students who demonstrated commitment to the Institute’s principles and showed financial need.  The scholarships aided in paying for college textbooks for students.


Interested in applying for a SHARE Scholarship? See our Scholarships Page for more information!