Speaking Events

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Since SHARE's inception in 2000, one of our primary domestic projects is to increase awareness in our community about international affairs. Throughout the year, SHARE hosts various speaking events open to the public. Our events are designed to discuss a current international topic that is relevant to the ever-changing global socio-economic conditions that affect those around the world and which, in turn, affect us as well.  An example of past topics include Women's Issues in Iraq, Iranian-US Politics, Issues in Africa, Current Events in Somalia, The Role of NGOs in International Development, Women's Issues in India, SHARE's Tsunami Assistance Program, and Afghani Women's Issues. For each event SHARE invites one or more knowledgeable speakers to make a presentation on the evening's topic. After the presentation, the floor is open for questions and comments. To read more about past events, please see our Community Awareness & Education page.

SHARE also hosts "Dinner and Dialogue" events each year. Our Dinner and Dialogue events cater to those who prefer to discuss international issues in a smaller group made up of intellectuals and professionals from the region.

All International Speaking Events (with very few exceptions) are held at the SHARE Institute's Office. The cost of attending an event is $20 ($10 for students) and includes a dinner of various international dishes, dessert, and, of course, a chance to shop from SHARE's collection of beautiful fine jewelry, artwork, and artifacts from around the world. We encourage you to bring your wallet, cash, or a checkbook with you.  Our jewelry sales are an important source of funding for SHARE, so if you can afford to donate a little or buy a piece of jewelry to pamper yourself, or surprise someone else, we hope that you will take that into consideration as you make arrangements to come to one of our speaking events.


For a list of upcoming International Speaking Events, as well as other events, please check our Upcoming Events section. We hope to see you at SHARE soon!