Tamil Nadu People Welfare Association (TAPWA), India

SHARE Sponsored Programs:


The TAPWA project with funding from the SHARE Institute trained twenty-two women from Tamil Nade, India on financial management and provided seed funding to 10 of the most vulnerable. They were additionally trained in different trades such as raising goats, growing vegetables, and producing compost. Thus, the TAPWA project has helped these women in their path to financial empowerment.

Tapwa children 2016.jpg


TAPWA held a two day workshop in microcredit management techniques and leadership skills.  Ten women were selected to learn about maintenance of record deeping organizational skills. TAPWA distributed seed money for the initiation of income generating activities.  Four women chose to rear goats and the other six woman chose the marketing of value-added agricultural products.  


Mini-grants to deserted or widowed women. Women were trained on methods of managing a business. One woman opened a flower shop. She also sold butter, milk, and curd. The income helped after her husband left her. Another woman opened a shop to sell miscellaneous items to villages.

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In 2016, TAPWA was funded to develop entrepreneurial skills among poor women.  The project offered 10 women a workshop in animal husbandry, food preparation, and sales and marketing techniques.  

Three women were selected to receive micro-credit grants in order to purchase and raise goats.  One woman started a food cart selling business.  All beneficiaries were supportive of the activities offered by TAPWA.  They all increased their income and are in a position to help their children and grandchildren.