Voice of Women in Uganda




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SHARE Sponsored Programs:


The project funded the purchase of three goats and a male billy goat. The three beneficiaries had great success in raising and breeding the goats. The beneficiaries have plans for selling the baby goats and sharing them with other community members.




This project was funded by the Barbara Pillsbury Memorial Fund in 2014. Dr. Barbara Pillsbury spent her life helping the less fortunate. Her memorial fund continues her work through the support of her loved ones. 

The SHARE Institute provided Voice of Women, Uganda with necessary funding to the start up project "Pig Seed." Beneficiaries were 12 women with limited health care services while living with HIV/AIDS. The women were trained in piggery management and marketing - this included how to erect a sturdy shelter, how to properly feed and clean the pigs, as well as care for pregnant pigs. Many of the women felt the training was efficient at teaching them new skills - 5 of the women received a pig to raise.

One month later, Voice of Women, Uganda returned to check back on the progress of the project. The project yielded some challenges, but had been successful as a whole. All of the pigs were in good condition, and seemed to be growing steadily. Due to the positive outcomes, the women wanted to start a fund for future projects raising pigs.



The project entitled “Training in Management of Sexually Transmitted Infections, Counseling and Testing for HIV/AIDS” was a one day workshop where community members were educated about STI’s, tested for HIV, and counseled. A total of 44 women and 30 men were tested for HIV. Of those tested, 12 women and 7 men were found to be positive. Some participants elected not to be tested for fear of a positive result. The workshop educated participants on transmission and prevention of STI’s as well as what it means to live with HIV. Program participants reported learning a lot during the workshop, including the importance of safe sex practices and STI testing. 






In September 2012, Voice of Women Uganda held a workshop which was attended by twenty women. The purpose of the workshop was to improve the knowledge of these women’s sexual and reproductive health. In the workshop the topics of reproductive health, family planning, and child and maternal health were discussed. Afterwards, an HIV/AIDS seminar was held, facilitated by the AIDS Support Organization, in which women were able to discuss and learn about HIV/AIDS and its prevention. “…The objective of this workshop was achieved because knowing one’s rights is key to having a healthy life,” the final report stated.