Women's Aid Collective


Women’s Aid Collective  (WACOL) is dedicated to helping women and adolescents in need, especially those whose human, sexual or reproductive rights have been violated. 

SHARE Sponsored Programs:


The SHARE Institute funded a mini-grant for WACOL to design and create a newsletter to educate rural women in Nigeria about sexual and reproductive health issues.  The newsletter educated the readers on the negative effects of female genital mutilation, child marriage, abuse of widows and sexually transmitted diseases including HIV/AIDS.  Focus groups were also held for rural women to express their fears and feelings toward these social problems.


The SHARE Institute awarded a mini-grant to WACOL for the production of a quarterly newsletter designed to raise awareness among adolescents about sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).  These newsletters also provided a way for adolescents to submit questions about issues, such as health and women’s rights that could be answered and explained by their peers.