Flying Samaritans, Mother Lode Chapter

SHARE Sponsored Programs:


The Los Pinos Clinic in Mexico

The SHARE Institute in collaboration with the Flying Samaritans organization funds the purchase of eyeglasses for school children and some adults. The July 2017 clinic led to providing 37 pairs of reading glasses as well as providing 7 children with prescription glasses.

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The Flying Samaritans, Mother Lode Chapter was funded by the SHARE Institute to provide eye glasses to children and patients at Rancho Los Pinos, about 200 miles south of Tijuana.

University of California, Davis Medical School students and faculty volunteers conducted eye exams and provided corrective glasses to children and other patients. The clinic provides services to 60-80 eye exams. The clinic charges only $3.20, 50 peso deposit, so patients return to pick up the glasses. The SHARE grant paid for 50 pairs of glasses.


The SHARE Institute continued to collaborate with the Flying Samaritans as they fly several times a year to provide fitting for eyeglasses to school children and adults.This year the SHARE Institute funded the Flying Samaritans organization to pay for 40 eye glasses for children and 150 pairs of sunglasses for adults. During these trips, approximately 110 exams are done in a day, about 21 pairs of readers, and 3 pairs of glasses ordered from months prior to help increase access to basic quality medical care in the Sam Quintin Valley for people living in poverty. 





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Medical teams from the University of California Medical School visit a project site in Mexico.  The project purchases eye glasses to school children and older adults.  Many of the adults have never had corrective glasses.  They lived their lives with blurry vision.  The Optical Clinic provided eye exams to 94 patients and the SHARE funds paid for 44 new pairs of glasses.