Domestic Projects



The SHARE Institute domestic projects are carried out by the interns who enroll in the Leadership Program. Over the last twenty years, hundreds of students have been a part of this dynamic program. Participants learn about how non-profit organizations operate and discuss key development issues while becoming more involved in local and global issues. Past funding has been provided by the Soroptimist International group of Sacramento and the Perinatal Foundation and The Women Foundation. Donations from the general public supply the bulk of the funding for the SHARE Institute’s programs.

One of SHARE's most fundamental domestic programs is our long-standing Leadership Program for College Students. This program has been a resounding success, mentoring students who have gone on to complete PhD programs, Medical School, and international work in the developing world. The Leadership Program has been critical to The SHARE Institute's success, as well as a stepping stone for college students to move into careers in the non-profit and global health sectors. Many interns also enjoy participating in SHARE's International Internships and SHARE's annual New Orleans Home Building and Wetlands Restoration Trip.

Another very successful program is the Cultural Awareness Program, an outreach effort that sends SHARE interns to local elementary and middle schools to increase children’s understanding of cultures from around the world. This program has been very successful, and SHARE continues to be funded and invited back by the school districts of the Sacramento area.