Imperial Woman Group



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The Imperial Women's Group aims to reduce gender-based violence in towns and villages throughout Kenya through utilization of education and training programs.


SHARE Sponsored Programs:



This project was designed to provide micro credit for widows and sex workers.  The main objective was to establish farmer enterprise grou[s to increase income for widows and sex workers.  Five widows and twenty six sex workers attended a 10 day workshop to learn about agricultural chores, marketing of crops, and storage of commodities.

Success Story: Ms. Zsaid “The knowledge and skills I have acquired enabled me to start a business with the little cash you provided me with.  Now my business has expanded by threefold.  I have food for my children and I purchased a cow.  The money from the cow milk sales pays for my twins to go to school.”



The Imperial Women's Group recently trained 25 young Maasi women to make, and sell Jikos (charcoal stoves.) The project was intended for women who elected no to undergo FGM, female genital mutilation. Many of these young women were forced to take on jobs as sex workers withing their village just so they could make enough money to survive.  The two-week training sessions were extended to three weeks so the women could master the required skills for charcoal stove making. Since then the women have made, sold , and installed 10 modern commercial stoves in 3 different institutions. The project has been very successful for the community. Many prisons, hospitals, hotels, and schools have turned to the young women for their newly learned skills.



The Imperial Women’s Group received a mini-grant from The SHARE Institute to conduct an advocacy workshop aimed at reducing gender-based violence in communities that the organization serves.



The SHARE Institute provided funding to train twelve peer educators on issues of gender-based violence and funded thirteen workshops to disseminate information.